The Simplest Way for You Run a Software Business without Hiring Developers for 2-3 Months


No script downloads, simply log into your admin panel from your browser and start adding your customers.


Never show ‘playboost’ branding and customize with your own brand.


Sell on any platform you like, as if you built it.

The Truth About Building a Software Business

We’ve been building software for about 5 years now and in that time we’ve learned a lot (…but made some critical mistakes at the same time).

Back in around 2013-2014 it was really easy to build an app. In fact, this was one of my best-selling tools back then.

Notice back then how incredibly basic the design was (and the features were even simpler).

The process was as simple as coming up with an idea, doing some basic mockups and then letting the developers handle the coding.

The end result was something like I just shared and these tools sold pretty well.

Fast forward a few years…

The landscape has changed a lot.

Imagine excitingly walking into a technology store to buy a new laptop for yourself and all they’re selling are these…

You’d be kinda peeved, right?

That’s kind of like how it is when you try and build software yourself and then sell it with no experience. You're building something that's going to look like it was built in the stone-age.

User experience, user interface, feature mapping, internal politics, marketing… They’ve become SO important.

If you miss one of these core elements to building a software, you’re shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to getting customers.

How often do you log into a software these days and you’re blown away by the design and experience inside?

It’s becoming more and more mind-blowing what people are designing.

That’s because these big companies know the importance of each of these things to the long-term success of what they are building.

The problem is that this becomes expensive…

So this means we need to hire people whose one and only job is to be an expert in each of these parts of the process.

Here’s a quick summary…

  • UX Consultant
  • UI Consultant
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Developers

Now depending on the size of your software you’re trying to build… This adds up.

Let’s try and summarize the cost for a 2 month project:

  • UX Consultant $1,000
  • UI Consultant $1,000
  • UX/UI Designer $2,000
  • Development Team $6,000
  • Total Cost $10,000

Total Estimated Cost = $10,000 for getting a idea or concept developed into something you can sell as a software to customers.

…and about 2-3 months of waiting.

This isn’t even taking into account the common issues of getting lied to by your development team or them disappearing with your source code after 1-2 months (...or the unavoidable setbacks and delays).

It happens – it’s all part of the journey.

We have to adapt… Right?

Skip the pain and let me give you
your very own admin account…

You’re welcome to take your idea and develop it yourself – I actually encourage you to do that!

I love seeing entrepreneurs thrive!

What I did want to do was give you the option in case you wanted to skip the time and cost investment.

  • …skip hiring a UX consultant
  • …skip hiring a UI consultant
  • …skip hiring a UI/UX designer
  • …skip finding, hiring and managing a development team

And instead just focus on growth and marketing of a software that’s proven to solve a problem and already developed.

As someone reading this, I’m sure you’ve got some marketing experience already.

Do you think you could re-brand playboost under your own brand and sell it with Facebook ads, email marketing, lead generation, affiliates etc?

If you think you can take control of marketing, we’ve got you covered on the tech side.

Introducing… Playboost White Label Rights

  • Your Own Admin Panel for Managing Users
  • Easy Installation (Simple Login – No Server Scripts or Downloads Necessary)
  • Customize Everything (Colors, Logo, Domain etc)
  • Our Marketing Materials Included

Not sure where to get started with finding customers? I’ll add in my ‘how to find clients’ training as a special launch-only bonus.

Here’s What You Get with Playboost White Label Rights

Your Very Own Admin Panel to Manager Users and Accounts
  • Manage your users through your very own admin panel.
  • See how many users you have.
  • Add, edit and delete users easily using your new admin dashboard.
100% Rebranding and Customization
  • Rebrand playboost to fit your very own brand.
  • Upload your own logo, customize colors and more!
  • Include your own branded URL!
  • Keep 100% of each sale.
  • Keep every single lead you generate (we don’t touch these).
Use Our Marketing Materials (NEW)
  • This is never offered, but get instant access to our home page in a PSD format so you can edit it to sell playboost without spending anything on a new design.
  • Get instant access to our video script!
  • Get instant access to our copy script.
BONUS: How to Find Clients Training

I cover exactly how to get clients, what to say to them, how to get leads, what to charge and a lot more.

This includes over-the-shoulder view of my browser and how to do it step by step...

Here's is just some of what is covered...

  • How to find clients using our unique 'search method'.
  • How to generate leads without the usual setups.
  • What to charge once you're ready to start.

So to summarize...

You'll be getting your very own admin panel for Playboost that you can customize completely and manage your own customers. You’ll also get access to the original marketing materials so you won't need to spend time and money on copywriting, designing or coding. Don’t worry if you’re not a tech-person. We’ll handle all the tech support too.

We’ll even give you training on how to find clients.

So if you think you can just handle how to find people who would benefit from a software like playboost and market to them – we’re offering TWO packages.

Yes, I'd Like to Get Access to My Own White Label Admin Account!

100 Licences Get Instant Access
500 Licences Get Instant Access
No thanks, I’d prefer to just use playboost for my personal videos…

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start selling Playboost?

You can start selling your white label on the 1st of May. Once our launch period is over, we'll be working on the white label packages and delivering them to you on May 1st. We'll be working with you getting everything set up so you're ready for delivery.

What do I get when I purchase a Playboost White Label License?

Playboost is a web-based software that helps customers get more views on their videos through animated thumbnail technology. With this White Label License, you’ll get access to your own admin panel and you’ll be able to provide access to your customers and re-brand it as your own.

Does it include the PRO Version?

If you purchased the PRO version, you’ll automatically be upgraded to be able to sell the main and pro versions. If you only purchase the main version, you’ll be able to sell the main version only.

How do I install this?

We have worked very hard on making this as easy as possible. Unlike other complicated white label tools, we don’t require any script download or server installations. You simply login to our admin panel and everything is done from there (in your browser).

Can my customers create accounts?

Nope, they cannot. They can only use the login credentials that are sent to them. They do not have the permissions to add their own customers (they will be able to use the software rebranded by you – but they do not have access to a white label license like you do).

Can I use my own domain?

Yes! When you first login, we’ll give you your own sub-domain which is a unique login link that is created for you. Your customers will access your re-branded playboost tool using this unique link. You also have the option to connect your own domain.

Can I giveaway a license or give it away as a bonus for other products?

No, you can't giveaway this product as a bonus or for free.