Sync viewers over to your email & Messenger lists!

100% Compliant with Messenger, Email & GDPR

Integrates with all major autoresponders and Messenger bots

Same easy 1-click installation as playboost

2-for-1 Bundle! We’re throwing in white label rights for the toolkit for FREE!

Let Us Help You Turn Up The Heat

Thank you once again for your wise investment into playboost for your business. Your views are about to start increasing again.

So… Let’s recap a bit!

Right now, you have the most powerful video app at your fingertips.

…not only is it fully customizable but you can apply it to ANY of your existing videos. Playboost doesn’t require any replacement of embed codes or anything. It’s just seamless. And we’re proud of that (sorry for the boasting).

We’re just really excited to have you inside and using our favorite new tool!

What is The Playboost Lead Toolkit?

We thought "how can we make this system EVEN MORE of an advantage for smoking your competition?"

We’re increasing views left, right and center

The next obvious step would be to turn those extra views into leads and sales, right?

Exactly – glad we’re on the same wavelength :)

This is exactly what the Playboost Lead Toolkit does for your business!

New "Hybrid" Tech Converts ALL Of Your Playboost Video Viewers Into Both Email AND Messenger Leads (…and auto-syncs them to your lists)

Since Playboost increases the number of views you get, how about getting those extra views to convert into leads and sales for your business?

This is how Playboost’s lead toolkit bundle helps you grow your business in 3 simple steps…

Viewer Watches Your
Playboost Video

Video Stops Playing & Asks
For Their Information

Video Continues Playing And
You Have Leads Coming In!

Using Video? Here's the Missing Link Between Video and Sales!

If you are using even a single video, you'll want that video to be working FOR you and bringing in sales. 

But before you can convert someone into a customer, they need to be a lead!

...without leads you have NO ONE to convert into customers and so your revenue for your business suffers.

It's the missing link!

That's why this lead-syncing technology is so powerful! It actually makes your video work DIRECTLY on syncing leads to your lists everyday.

...all from the same video you use inside of Playboost!

So not only are you benefiting from more traffic from playboost, but that increase in traffic is ALSO directly increasing your lead generation for you business.

Ditch The 'Old-School' Traditional Method... 
Welcome to A New Era.

Without this lead toolkit technology, you can go 'caveman style' on lead generation and generate leads by putting up an opt-in from somewhere on your page.

...and even then you're not able to generate TWO types of leads AND you spend hours going back and forth between your auto-responder, video marketing and your website/page builder.

It's a mess.

OR you can benefit from:

One Synchronized System

Logging into multiple services can be a real hassle when you're trying to run a smooth business.

Multiple tabs, multi-tasking and a headache just about sums it up!

Using this new lead toolkit system with Playboost, you can have everyone under ONE dashboard so that you don't have to keep multiple campaigns under different services.

Simplicity at it's finest - saving you both time and monthly fees!

Increased Engagement

Collect information from your viewers when they are watching your video from DIRECTLY inside the video using our beautiful hand-designed video templates!

Usually, a prospect might visit your website and watch a video and then leave. You've been used and abused :) They didn't submit their information and you have no lead.

However, now you can generate a lead directly while the viewer is consuming your content when engagement is at it's highest!

Increased Conversion Rates

Increased engagement directly increases conversion rates.

If your conversion rates go up, it means you need LESS traffic and need to PAY LESS to get that traffic to generate MORE LEADS.

There is no better situation that paying LESS to make MORE.

Super-Engaged Leads

By syncing your leads directly inside of your videos using the playboost lead toolkit, you're tapping into a new source of hyper-engaged leads!

You simply cannot compare leads collected directly inside a video to leads collected in a normal old-school opt-in form somewhere else on your page.

Collecting their information while they are watching your video, you're able to generate leads at the peak of their engagement.

Super-engaged leads means more opens when you do email them, or send them a Facebook Messenger message. This also means more SALES.

TWO Types of Leads

I'm sure you've heard of "never put all of your eggs in one basket".

Now, you can be sure of that!

We have made it SUPER easy for you to be able to diversify your lead generation and generate TWO types of leads directly from INSIDE your playboost videos.

This is HUGE because once you generate a lead, you can contact them at ANY time in the future on TWO different platforms.

  • You can send them an email from your auto-responder
  • You can send them a Facebook Messenger message.

Anytime you want to sell something, it's simply a matter of sending an email or Facebook message to your hyper-engaged leads :)

Boost Your Sales with New Leads Coming In...

As you increase the amount of leads you generate, you're automatically increasing the people you can contact to sell stuff to!

So because the playboost lead toolkit makes it all a streamline process to generate leads directly from your videos, it's also going to help you make more sales by increasing the engagement of your leads and the number of leads you generate.

You're also generating leads on two different platforms (email and Facebook Messenger).

When you do send out a marketing message on these 2 platforms, they will be seen by DOUBLE the amount of people which also adds revenue to your bottom line.

Loyal LIFELONG Customers

Showing your customers you know how to treat them is essential when creating a business.

You want them to know you care, right?

So why not start your relationship off on the right foot by having a pleasant way of welcoming them to your business?

Most other businesses make their leads jump through hoops to get in contact with them.

We impress immediately and reap the rewards long-term.

Here’s How Easy It Is To Set Up…

Insert Video Link

Insert your Playboost video link.

Select Type of Lead

In a world-first, select whether you’d like to resume your video by collecting email AND Messenger leads!

Select a Stop Style

There’s nothing worse than boring, stale opt-in forms. Use our beautiful templates to make sure opting in is a seamless, pleasing experience.

Customize Everything

Customize your entire ‘stop’ message and experience so it suits your brand’s image and tone!

1-Click Install

No additional scripts needed! Simply select ‘lead toolkit’ as an option inside Playboost and it auto-updates your video to collect leads!

More Playboost Views Converting into Customers…

Create With ANY Video

Just like with playboost, the lead toolkit lets you sync leads from any 3rd party video service.

Sync Email & Messenger Leads

Auto-sync two types of leads directly from your videos over to your email and Messenger lists.

Multiple Template Styles

There’s nothing worse than an ugly opt-in form. Select from our professionally designed templates!

Customize The Opt-in Experience

Customize text, emojis, colors, buttons, timing and everything else in-between.

Eye-Catching Analytics

Get instant access to real-time analytics on all of your campaigns, leads, GDPR and more!

Stop/Resume Playing Anywhere

Select any point in your video where you want to sync the leads!

Easy To Install

Never place another script again! Simply select ‘link’ your lead toolkit campaign directly inside of playboost and we will auto-update your video to sync leads!

Integrates with All Major Auto-Responders

We integrate with all major auto-responders (and also provide a custom HTML integration if your auto-responder is not added).

Use With ANY Facebook Messenger Software

Use MSGHero, ManyChat, ChatFuel or any other Messenget bot platform? We work with them all!

Works with All Websites and Page Builders

These lead-syncing campaigns work seamlessly with all websites, landing pages and page builders!

Entire White Label System Added In for FREE in Bundle Deal!

As part of this 2-for-1 bundle deal, you get this lead-syncing technology as a white label owner!

Current Marketers Using This Technology for their Businesses

It's no wonder a product like MSGLock is being released. I've seen the ups and the downs of the current lead generation platforms that exist and I have to admit that MSGLock is a breath of fresh air. MSGLock does an amazing job of generating engaged leads that actually want to hear from you - on two different platforms. A must-have tool for marketers!

Abhi Dwivedi - CEO of Vega6 Webwares

This looks cool! Haven't seen any intuitive tools that fix this problem yet, so kudos (and thanks!!) for taking this to the market!

Wilco de Kreij -

I do so much lead generation already for various businesses, adding this is basically going to double my conversions (doubling my reach). Why didn’t I think of this before? Two thumbs up from me.

Joe di Siena -

LIMITED 2-for-1 BUNDLE Whitelabel-in-a-Box Added in For FREE!

This technology on its own is powerful. Scratch that.. It’s going to be the norm. People won’t be getting views and leads without it.

We wanted to make this an absolute no-brainer for you and so what we have decided to do is to add in white label rights to this lead toolkit!

This makes this a 2-for-1 bundle!

So instead of just getting the Playboost Lead Toolkit, you’ll ALSO get the following:

Playboost Lead Toolkit White Label Rights

Your Very Own Admin Panel to Manage Users and Accounts
  • Manage your users through your very own admin panel.
  • See how many users you have.
  • Add, edit and delete users easily using your new admin dashboard.
100% Rebranding and Customization
  • Rebrand playboost to fit your very own brand.
  • Upload your own logo, customize colors and more!
  • Include your own branded URL!
  • Keep 100% of each sale.
  • Keep every single lead you generate (we don’t touch these).
Use Our Marketing Materials (NEW)
  • This is never offered, but get instant access to our home page in a PSD format so you can edit it to sell playboost without spending anything on a new design.
  • Get instant access to our video script!
  • Get instant access to our copy script.

Special Launch Discount for 2-for-1 Bundle Deal

Usually, we’d sell the Playboost Lead Toolkit for $97 and the white label for $297.

That brings the total value of this offer to $394.

BUT for this launch only, we’re cutting that IN HALF (and then some…)

  • Playboost Lead Toolkit $97
  • Playboost White Label Package $297
  • Total Market Value $394
  • Total Discounted Savings - $247
  • Today’s Special Discount $147 One-Time!

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

The playboost lead toolkit package also comes with our 14 day money back guarantee. Click the button above and upgrade and in the unlikely event that you're not completely happy with the upgrade, simply let us know within 14 days and we will refund 100% of your investment (no questions asked).

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different to the playboost white label package on the previous page?

Good question! The playboost white label package you would have seen on the previous page is for the main playboost software (where you can create amazing animated thumbnails for your videos to capture attention and increase views). The white label on this page is an added bonus to the lead toolkit offer and offers white label rights for the lead toolkit specifically (the software which allows you to sync 2 types of leads directly from videos). It’ll allow you to sell the video-stopping and lead generation technology as your own and under your own brand. It’s a separate software from playboost (although they work seamlessly together) so if you already picked up the white label offer for playboost, and you get this too, you’ll be getting TWO white label software to sell under your own brand.

When can I start selling the Playboost Lead Toolkit White Label?

You can start selling your white label on the 1st of May. Once our launch period is over, we'll be working on white label packages and delivering them to you on May 1st. We'll be working with you getting everything set up so you will be ready for delivery.

What do I get when I purchase a Playboost Lead Toolkit White Label License?

Playboost Lead Toolkit is a web-based software that helps customers generate two types of leads (email & Messenger leads) from their videos using beautiful opt-in experiences directly inside of the video. These leads are automatically synced to their selected email list or Messenger list. With this White Label License, you’ll get access to your own admin panel and you’ll be able to provide access to your customers and re-brand it as your own.

How do I install this?

We have worked very hard on making this as easy as possible. Unlike other complicated white label tools, we don’t require any script download or server installations. You simply login to our admin panel and everything is done from there (in your browser).

Can my customers create accounts?

Nope, they cannot. They can only use the login credentials that are sent to them. They do not have the permissions to add their own customers (they will be able to use the software rebranded by you – they do not have access to a white label license like you do).

Can I use my own domain?

Yes! When you first login, we’ll give you your own sub-domain which is a unique login link that is created for you. Your customers will access your re-branded playboost lead toolkit tool using this unique link. You also have the option to connect your own domain.

Can I giveaway a license or give it away as a bonus for other products?

No, you can't giveaway this product as a bonus or for free.