Playboost brings technology never-seen-before to the table. Even better, it’s not a very ‘niche’ product. It can be used by ANY business in ANY niche to increase video views.

It’s beyond anything else available right now because it bypasses all the annoying steps that other video software make you go through.

You know.. These…

  • Re-upload your video to their service
  • Make a bunch of edits to your video
  • Export/download your new video
  • Upload to expensive hosting companies

Only to be left with fewer views at the end of the day (thanks a lot auto-play apocalypse)!

You see, playboost auto-detects your video on ANY existing web-page and simply ‘blankets’ that video with your playboost campaign. No editing videos necessary!

Smart, huh?

But let me pose a question…

What if you told a client you could increase their video views, without them making ANY changes to their website or video? Is that something you think they would say “heck yes” or “no” to?

Think of playboost as taking care of your sick videos. The ambulance of the video marketing industry, if you will .

For this special launch opening of playboost – we’re also giving away FULL Agency Rights to this brand new technology for a one-time price.

How impressed do you think clients and small businesses would be if you showed them how you could boost their video views by simply adding one small line of code on their site (…without having to remove their existing video either)?

Not Sure How to Apply This For Your Own Business? Perfect!

If you aren’t sure about how to immediately apply Playboost to your business, don’t think you’re missing out.

Using it for personal campaigns is just ONE use for this video software.

Approaching small businesses/clients with this opportunity completely takes the pressure off of you having to make your own videos and campaigns and you can leverage an already successful business and help them increase their views (…and leads and conversions).

If they have a video – playboost will benefit them. And you’ll be the only one they can use to boost their views.

…But How Do I Find Clients?

Great question! Just about every business uses video marketing. And if they are, they’re going to be looking to increase their video views.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Look on You can search for keywords such as “video views” and partner up with established sellers or start your own gig and start receiving orders for your playboost campaigns.
  • Go to upwork or freelancer and search for ‘video views’ and you’ll find plenty of businesses looking for ways to increase their video views. You can apply to their job offer and use playboost to help solve their problem.
  • Facebook groups are another great place to find targeted clients. You can find video marketing groups and reach out to see if anyone is looking for ways to increase their video views.

What Do I Say to Clients?

Glad you asked .

You might not know it yet, but you have a script right in front of you.

You purchased playboost because we sold you on the benefits of the product, right? We explained the current problem (why your views are down) and presented an amazing solution (playboost) that solves the problem for you (and more).

All you need to do is explain the same problem to them, and present what you are offering as a simple solution.

How do you do this? Just summarize our sales page into a few points that you need to convince them.

For the duration of this special launch period, we’ve decided to take this off your hands and actually include a done-for-you script.

This way, you’ll never be left with brain-fog when chatting to a client.

We’ll tell you exactly what to say to them.

Introducing The Agency ‘Done-For-You’ Package

Playboost Software

(Agency Package)
$497 Value
  • Use for Client Videos (FULL Agency Rights).
  • Includes Your Own Client Management Dashboard

BONUS: How to Find Clients Training

$297 Value

I cover exactly how to get clients, what to say to them, how to get leads, what to charge and a lot more.

This includes over-the-shoulder view of my browser and how to do it step by step...

Here's is just some of what is covered...

  • How to find clients.
  • How to get leads.
  • What to charge.

BONUS: Done-for-You Client Script

$197 Value

Do you find it hard to know what to say when you are talking with a client?

Follow our done-for-you script! We have summarized exactly what you need to say to make sure the client can make an educated decision once they know all the facts!

BONUS: Templates Package

$97 Value

Get access to done-for-you slide templates you can use for powerpoint presentations, image elements, videos or just about anything else!

BONUS: Landing Page Template

$297 Value

Get your very own landing page template, that you can use to sell your mockup service to clients. Simply replace your logo, headline, button link, video or any other element you need.

Playboost Agency License
$497 Value
Training on How to Find Clients
$297 Value
Done-for-You Client Script
$197 Value
Templates Package
$97 Value
Landing Page/Website Template
$297 Value
Total Value
Launch Discount
- $1318
Today’s Price
$67 One-Time

No thanks, I don’t want the agency package for playboost…

These extra bonuses will be removed from this package when the price increases and will never be offered again.

The price of playboost’s agency package will be increasing, which means you can get inside today for the special launch discount.

Anyone who gets inside after the timer hits zero will have to pay full price for playboost agency package to help them increase their views.

Get inside today and make your videos capture attention irresistibly without expensive designers and coders for you and your clients.

Give them peace of mind that they’ll never have to worry about someone scrolling straight past their videos again:

  • WITHOUT wondering where to find clients.
  • WITHOUT worrying what to say to them.
  • WITHOUT having to create custom designed slides for your videos, PPT and business cards.
  • WITHOUT having to design and develop and entire sales page for your offer.

We’ve got all bases covered, to make this a good all-inclusive package for you.

Includes Playboost’s 30 Day Risk FREE
100% Money Back Guarantee

Take the playboost agency package out for a spin and experience the fulfillment of helping other businesses increase their video views using a software only you can offer. In the unlikely event that you're not completely happy, just let us know within 30 days of buying playboost agency and we will refund 100% of your investment (no questions asked).

Get risk-free access below, and we’ll see you inside.