Playboost Makes Every Video AND Video Builder Even Better

..and MANY More.

Plug Any Video into Playboost and Watch it Bring in Views Faster Than Ever Before...

Boost Leads & Sales Without Creating More Videos

Enjoy more leads and sales from your unmissable videos on your pages without changing a thing on your website and landing pages and without creating more videos!

Enjoy More Views by Creating Irresistible Eye-Catching Animated Video Thumbnails in Minutes

Never worry about visitors scrolling straight past your video thinking it’s just an image. With our unlimited customizations, easily create wildly engaging thumbnails that are unmissable.


Using Playboost’s smart auto-placement technology, you never have to replace any codes or embed scripts.

We automatically place your animated thumbnail over ALL your videos!

Never Worry About Autoplay Nightmares

The auto-play ban on all major browsers was a kick in the teeth to all marketers but with Playboost you never have to worry about decreased views, clicks, leads and sales again.

100% Browser & Search Engine Friendly

Using custom scripts that FORCE the auto-playing of videos can get you penalized (which means ZERO traffic for you).

Playboost’s compliant approach keeps search engines and browsers happy.

Save Money & Time on Developers And Designers

Getting this done WITHOUT playboost costs you time & money to design and code each and every animated thumbnail.

With Playboost, you skip that entire time window and don’t need to pay anything to any developers.

Animate Your Auto-Paused Video Thumbnails
for MORE Clicks, Leads & Sales!

  • Without logging into any video platform (...simply paste in your video link)
  • Without needing to using any third-party player (use your existing video hosting service)
  • Without hiring expensive designers and coders (…or needing to spend hours designing yourself)
  • Without replacing or editing anything in your video platform or builder (skip the video editing time and investment)
  • Without affecting anything in your main video (your marketing videos still SELL)

Marketers Increasing Their Views Up to 218% Using Playboost!

“We saw 218% increase in the views of the case study video on our uduala sales page. All we had to do was copy and paste a single of code that took a few minutes to setup. Looking forward to set this up across all our websites.”

Ifiok Nk -

“PlayBoost is a super effective tool for anyone who is using video on their website. I love the ease of use and how fast it is to create super engaging thumbnails to increase views. The integration with vidello also makes it one of my new favorite video tools! Great job guys!”

Josh Ratta - and Owner of 'Create'.

“I got early access to Playboost and love it. If you want more clicks and views for your videos, look no further.

This App is a game changer!

Declan Mc

See How You Can Transform Your Auto-Paused Videos That Are Losing You Views, Leads & Sales… Into Hyper-Engaging View Magnets!

Yes! These were all made inside Playboost!


You Can Only Do This Using PlayBoost’s
Point and Click Simple Features…

Add ANY New or Existing Video

We support multiple FREE and paid video hosting sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidello and Amazon s3 (...and are adding more). Just paste in any existing video link!

Customize Your Paused Video

Auto-play doesn’t work anymore, so all videos are STUCK until the visitor clicks the play button. Customize everything about your ‘paused’ view (thumbnail) of your video to increase clicks to play (...and your view count)!


Add any of our pre-loaded BEAUTIFUL overlays to your video to help it stand out with one-click.

Images and GIFs

Upload your own, or search our HUGE library of Images and GIFs that automatically play over your video thumbnail for HUGE engagement.

Unlimited Text Call-to-Actions

Add text to your new captivating video thumbnail, whether it be a call-to-action for them to 'click play' or anything else! We also include amazing text pre-sets so you don't need to scroll through hundreds of fonts to find the perfect one. It's plug and play simple!


There’s no denying emoji’s increase engagement. Use these to capture your prospects attention into clicking play.

Play Buttons

Forget the stale over-used play buttons. Use our custom-designed play button templates proven to increase clicks and views.

Capture Attention with Animations

Every element you add to your thumbnail can be animated. This includes your emojis, custom play buttons, text, images and more. Make your video thumbnail MOVE & SHAKE!

Easy to Install

Place one simple code and your new engaging video thumbnail will capture attention and increase views without any extra work of re-uploading, replacing embed codes or ANYTHING else. We auto-detect your video using SMART technology.

Watch Me Create an Irresistible Animated Thumbnail in Just a Few Clicks!

PlayBoost guides you to more views on your videos, in just 3 steps.

Enter ANY Video URL

Select your video hosting platform, and enter your existing video link. We support YouTube, Vimeo, Wisita, Vidello and Amazon s3 hosted videos (...and adding more).

Drag 'n Drop Simple

PlayBoost allows you to create an attention-grabbing animated thumbnail that is going to capture attention, increase clicks and boost views (...and sales).

Copy & Paste... Finished!

Use our simple-to-place one line of code and that's it! Just watch your video views increase.

Video Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere…
In Fact It's BIGGER Than Ever And Growing MASSIVELY!

“Adding a video to a landing page can actually boost your conversions as much as 80%.

Neil Patel - Entrepreneur, Investor & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Video continues to take over as the dominant way people like to consume content.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being shifted into this space and away from traditional content such as blog posts.

97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

76% say it helped them increase sales.

76% say it helped them increase traffic.

  • More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • 59% of people agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.
  • 87% of online marketers use video content.
  • 1/3 of online activity is spent watching video.

We’ve recently seen Facebook making moves towards video with their ‘Watch’ platform as well as their brand new feature to turn any image into a video to increase engagement.

So… all is good in the world.

People LOVE consuming video and learning through video. And you can’t deny that video pushes sales.

…BUT With Auto-Play Being Shut Down You Get NONE Of The Video Marketing Benefits UNLESS You Solve This Issue.

  • Your video views from new and existing videos will continue to decrease daily.
  • Your video clicks will bottom out.
  • Less views and clicks means LESS TRAFFIC (less traffic means less sales and less revenue).
  • Your videos will look TERRIBLE on mobile devices.
  • People will scroll STRAIGHT PAST your videos thinking it’s an image NOT a video.
  • You’ll see your competitors start to use these animation hacks and watch them get more from their video marketing and wish you’d picked up playboost for the HUGE launch-only discount.

Playboost works for beginners and advanced marketers in ALL NICHES...

...even if you only have one single video!

YouTube Creators
SaaS Platforms
Online Marketers
Online Courses
Video Marketers

Here’s a quick summary of everything you can do inside of playboost today to boost views, leads & revenue...

Add Any Video

Worried about having to re-upload everything? Don’t! We don’t require you to do anything but insert a video link. We support YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon s3 and Vidello videos.

1-Click Install

Nothing is worse than something that is hard to install, right? No technical skills required! Paste our one line and playboost automatically detects your video on your page FOR YOU!

Customize Everything

Add just about anything that is going to capture attention, and customise that. Colors, animations, size, opacity, etc. We make things irresistible for viewers.


Use your default thumbnail as a background or customize your video using our library of overlays and patterns to make your video stand out more.

Images and GIFs

Upload your own, or search our library of images and GIFs that play over your video thumbnail (…did I hear a “hallelujah” in the back?)

Text Call to Action

Marketing 101, right? Add a call-to-action. Nothing increases plays like telling your visitors to ‘Click Play’ :).


Emojis are the engagement tool of the decade. Emojis are so recognisable that they are almost unavoidable when on a page.

Play Buttons

Choose from our play button templates to make sure your visitors can’t miss it!

Drag 'n Drop Technology

Old school video stuff is bleh. Drag & drop all your customizations and make your videos unmissable.


Nothing captures attention like animations. Animate every single element on your playboost thumbnail to take your engagement up a notch.

Mobile Friendly

Have complete peace of mind knowing that your videos are going to be playing perfectly on mobile devices and you’ll enjoy the benefits of 80% of the world’s traffic source.

Page Builder Support

Playboost’s animated thumbnails work with all major page builders..

“Now that auto-play has been globally killed off, when I first saw the animated CTA's and GIFs in action inside Playboost, it was easy to imagine the huge difference in clicks and conversions that this software will make.

I just love the simplicity and the drag-and-drop ease of everything. Just copy and paste and you can use any video with it so yeah, I will highly recommend it and that's my 100% honest review.”

Phil Harris -

“As a video marketer I’m always looking new ways to increase my view count and engagement. Playboost is something that does that. It works perfectly and is super easy to use even for a tech idiot like me.

Highly recommended.”

Adam Payne -

Nothing On the Market Comes Close To PlayBoost Right Now!

Playboost is literally the ONLY platform built from the ground up to solve the auto-play shutdown problem forever.

Sure, you could sign up for an expensive video hosting platform for $99/month to place a tiny non-customizable ‘click for sound’ badge over your video.

But you STILL won’t have the UNLIMITED customizations, emojis, text call-to-actions, animations, backgrounds and FREEDOM to boost your views for a low one-time price that playboost offers.

OR you could use scripts that force the auto-playing of videos and RISK getting penalized by all major browsers (which means no more traffic for you and your videos)…

Another option you have to get what playboost offers is to pay a designer to create a animation for you and then hire a different developer to code this for each and every video you create.

Or you could just use Playboost for a one-time fee forever.

…But What If I Don’t Have Any Videos Yet?

This is something we’re excited about. Over the past 2 years we’ve created videos totalling millions of views.

So today, with your purchase of Playboost we’ll be giving you instant access to a FREE training which shows our exact video script we use for every video (we just fill in the different template sections).

In this special training, you're going to learn...

  • The video creation script (what type of video to create, and why)
  • Our internal traffic template for videos (how to get dirt cheap views on your video)
  • The moonlight conversion method (how to use a workaround strategy to get the cheapest sales from your videos)

It’ll all ‘click’ for you once you see our overview and how it all connects.

Playboost’s 14 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Take playboost out for a spin and enjoy getting more views on your videos. In the unlikely event that you're not completely happy, just let us know within 14 days of buying playboost and we will refund 100% of your investment (no questions asked).

Get risk-free access below, and we’ll see you inside ☺️.

Ready to increase your video views?

Secure Your Prospects' Attention & Unlock Video Profits by Using Engagement Hacks on ALL Your Videos – Automatically…

Don't Forget, with Playboost you can plug any NEW or EXISTING video directly into it and see a boost in views, leads and sales!

Best Deal - $70 Off Playboost Unlimited
No contracts or subscriptions, just a one-time cost.

Fast Action Bonus #1: FREE WordPress Plugin

Inserting your playboost campaigns into your WordPress posts and pages might scare you a bit. Never fear! With our WordPress Plugin (available immediately upon logging in) you are able to quickly and easily start increasing your video views.

This bonus will be removed forever when the launch is over...

Fast Action Bonus #2: Viral Video Scripts

Get instant access to our secret viral video scripts. These are the scripts we use for every single video (totalling millions of views - we kinda just fill in the different sections depending on the video)

  • The video creation script (what type of video to create, and why)
  • Our internal traffic template for videos (how to get dirt cheap views on your video)
  • The moonlight conversion method (how to use a workaround strategy to get the cheapest sales from your videos)

This bonus will also be removed forever when the launch is over...

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between normal video and a playboost video?

We don’t actually change anything in your video. We take the same concept used in traditional advertising over to video to increase the CTR (click-through rates) of your videos (using our smart playboost tech). Auto-play doesn’t work anymore due to the latest browser updates, so view counts are down for everyone. We counter this by creating engaging, animated thumbnails that are auto-placed over your videos to increase views for your business. More views = more people to convert into leads and sales.

Why is Playboost different to other video software?

This is something we wanted to dedicate an entire part of the sales page to because we feel so strongly about it (but we decided a FAQ would be good) 🙂.

Firstly, we AREN'T a video player, video hosting company or a video creation software (although we tie in perfectly with all 3 if you already own them).

Secondly, we solve a totally different problem to other video software that have been launched. They solve the problem of creating videos and/or hosting them - we solve the the problem of not being able to get enough views on your videos due to the auto-play shutdown problem. So whether you are creating a new video, or wanting to boost video views of an existing/old video - Playboost is PERFECT for you.

Other video apps you have seen launched over the past 2 years are mostly video creation apps that make creating marketing videos super easy (which is great). There have also been a few video hosting launches where you need to re-upload your video to their hosting and then you can use their video player.

Thirdly, Playboost is different because it allows you to create a captivating animated thumbnail that is automatically placed over your existing (old or new) videos on any website, landing page or page builder to boost your views!

Playboost allows you to use ANY free or paid video player (so you don’t need to be locked into any one service), you don’t have to re-upload anything (you can leave your video as they are on your pages and our service auto-detects the video and applies the overlay) and you aren't limited to ONE 'click for sound' template that only some paid services offer (which you need to pay for monthly).

Fourth, you get UNLIMITED customizations, so you can drag & drop your way to a masterpiece of an animated thumbnail to boost your views - all for a ONE-TIME FEE!

What is required to use playboost?

You can access us from any browser, as long as you have an active internet connection. Nothing to download.

What video platforms does playboost support?

Currently, we work with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidello and Amazon s3 videos. However, we’re constantly expanding.

Do I need to have coding or technical skills to use playboost?

Absolutely not. We’re focused on boosting your video play count without all the hassle. It’s just 3 easy steps to get a campaign up and running. We even handle the auto-detection of your videos on your pages!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We strive to impress you with a boost in your view count but if for any reason you’re unhappy with our service we'll happily provide you with a full refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Don’t get caught up and blinded in the video dust storm…

The best thing we can do as marketers and business owners is adapt to the world-wide autoplay shutdown.

Playboost gives you the perfect tool to do just that, without re-doing your videos, changing and re-uploading your videos, without purchasing expensive editing software, without paying for expensive video players and hosting and of course, without having to hire designers and coders to do this all for you.

We created it with the mindset of “if this is hard to set up and install – let’s scrap it.”.

So rest assured, setting up your campaigns and adding them to your website and pages is as simple as can be.

This is a TIME-LIMITED offer though. To celebrate our launch, we wanted to welcome founding members with a gift. The gift being the $70 discount. Everyone will have to pay $97 when the launch is over.

Additionally, you’re covered by our 14 day money-back guarantee. If you find anything you’re not happy with, just reach out to our 24/7 heroic support team and we’ll process a full refund for you.

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